Students Union

The college union is intended to promote the social and cultural life of the student, to train them in the rights and duties of citizenship and to provide them with opportunities to develop their personalities and skills. All students of the college are by right members of the college union and they elect the office bearers.

The College Union Council consists of the following members:

1. The President of the union

2. The staff Advisor

3. The Chairman

4. The vice-Chairperson

5. The General Secretary

6. The Joint Secretary

7. Two Councillors to the Kannur University Union of the College Union

8. Fine Arts Secretary

9. Chief Student Editor of the College magazine

10. General Captain (Sports & Games)

11. The Secretary of each of the various (main subject-wise) Subject Association of the college.

12. One representative each of I D.C., II D.C. and III D.C elected by the students of the respective classes and one representative elected by all the post graduate students.

The college union is guided by a staff advisor, appointed by the principal. The college union should work irrespective of caste, color, community and political separation.