Academic Monitoring Committee

To ensure that the academic activities are functioning smoothly and to implement the academic plan, an Academic Monitoring Committee is functioning in the College. At present the committee consists of 15 members including the HoDs of all departments as members and the Principal as the Chairman and Mr.Musthafa KS, Assistant Professor of Commerce, as the Coordinator. The Committee makes sure that daily classes are going on as per the time table and based on the academic calendar. At the same time the Committee confirm that the college is functioning in conform to the directives of the Kannur University. The Committee also give timely directions to all departments to cover the portions from the syllabus within the time frame and to adhere to complete the internal evaluation process on time before commencing the semester exam and submit the related documents to the concerned tutors and HoDs.

Co-Ordinator - : Mr. Musthafa KS

Assistant Professor, PG Dept.of Commerce

Academic Monitoring Committee Members

No. Name Designation Position
1 Dr.Majeesh T Principal Chairman
2 Dr.Rajeshkumar ER HoD, Commerce Departmen Vice Chairman
3 Mr.Musthafa KS Asst. Professor, Commerce Convener
4 Dr.Muneera Beevi Associate Professor, Sociology Department Member
5 DR.Mohammed Ismail KM HoD, Polymer Chemistry Department Member
6 Ms.Priya Nair HoD, English Department Member
7 Mr.Mohammed Shafi HoD, Computer Science Department Member
8 Dr.Apseer Pasha Associate Professor, Urdu Department Member
9 Mr.Shaju K HoD, Mathematics Department Member
10 Dr.Gireesh V Assistant Professor, Statistics Department Member
11 Dr.Anas E HoD, History Department Member
12 Dr.Hussain C Assistant Professor, Malayalam Department Member
13 Mr.Abdul Ahraf M HoD, Management Studies Department Member
14 Mr.Munfar Kappil Librarian Member
15 Ms.Shabina KK Assistant Professor Member