Department of Mathematics started in 1995 as a supporting department for Computer Science. The segregation as a full –fledged department took place in 2001 with starting of under graduate (B.Sc. Mathematics) programme. In 2014, started post graduate (M.Sc. Mathematics) programme as self-financing course. Presently there are three permanent staffs and 4 temporary staffs.

Department offer complementary Mathematics for Computer Science and Polymer Chemistry students. Also offer Business Mathematics and Linear programming as two open courses for all fifth semester degree students

There are three Permanent faculties and four guest faculties in the department B.Sc. programme can accommodate a maximum number of 40 students while M.Sc. program can have maximum 23 students (In 2021, university granted a marginal increase of 6 seats in B.Sc. and 2 seats in M.Sc., so that the sanctioned strength increased to 46 in B.Sc. and 25 in M.Sc.) .

Department of statistics with one permanent faculty, is working as a supporting department.

Department alumni-“Nesting memories…” is functioning to support department activities