# Title Author
1 Hajj : Pilgrimage in Islam Eric Tagliacozzo and Shawkath M Toorawa ed.
2 Malabar in the Indian Ocean : Cosmopolitanism in a Marirtime Historical Region Mahmood Kooria and Michael Naylor Pearson
3 Social and Religious Reform : The Hindus of British India Amiya P Sen,ed.
4 Women in Modern India Geraldine Forbes
5 Caste and Nature : Dalits and Indian Environmental Politics Mukul Sharma
6 Cold War : A very Short Introduction Robert J McMahon
7 Middle Ages : A very Short Introduction Miri Rubin
8 Ancient Greece : A Very short Introduction Paul Cartledge
9 Liberalism : A very Short Introduction Michael Freeden
10 Feminism : A very Short Introduction Margaret Walters
11 French Revolution : A Very Short Introduction William Doyle
12 Capitalism : A very Short Introduction James Fulcher
13 Roman Empire : A Very Short Introduction Christopher Kelly
14 Post Moderinsm : A Very Short Introduction Christopher Butler
15 Industrial Revolution : A Very short Introduction Robert C Allen
16 Nationalism : A very Short Introduction Steven Grosby
17 Soviet Union : A very Short Introduction Stephen Lovell
18 Concise History of Modern Europe : Liberty, Equality, Solidarity David S Mason