Readers Forum

Objectives of Readers Forum:

“Finding ways to engage students in reading beyond the class room may be one of the most effective tools to influence social change”

The NAM College's principal objective is to provide its students with a high standard of education in order to prepare them for better lives. Another NAMC project, "READERS Forum," aims to give students a forum to improve their academic and general knowledge, as well as communication skills, by daily reading and discussing various topics or other pertinent current subjects. In addition to these, the club also has the following goals.

  1. Creating a reading atmosphere by forming study groups.
  2. Urging students to write original pieces for publication.
  3. Organising several contests at various levels.
  4. Displaying items on the display board on a regular basis.

Covenors in Charge

Sri. Gafoor. I , Asst. Professor in Mathematics

Sri. Munfar Kappil , Librarian